Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh hockey, how much do I miss thee...

At least there's European hockey going on. Here's a site that lists the DEL (German Professional Hockey League) champions from present day back to 1912. My team is the Berlin IceBears (Berliner SC), who have unfortuneatly not won since 1976, but they did have some dynasties back in the day, including the first 3 league championships! They signed Oleg Kolzig to a contract about a month a go and have been making a very strong push for first lately. Go IceBears!! If you're interested in staying abreast on DEL hockey check out their main website or this site with informative posts on the state of German prospects (once in a while). Of course you can always just focus on the fights :-)

A great analysis article on why there's no European "Superleague" which could compete with the NHL.

With no NHL hockey this year it's made me even hungrier for the World Championships in Austria this year (April 30 - May 15) which should have a bunch of NHL players in it. Go Canada Go!!

Some people say hockey is a brutal sport, for sure, it's for "real" men ;-) But I'd certainly rather get bodychecked senseless than play a game of basketball! (thanks

See you all at the rink tonight!! :-)

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