Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I see that my posts for the last couple days didn't publish correctly, here's a bunch of links that I was scanning through on a great wi-fi connection I actually found down here, it's been great weather, not near as hot as I thought it was going to be, looks like there might be some rain tonight though. Ok, on to the links:

As one of my favorite places in the world to enjoy the sun and a cold beer I certainly hope Monaco won't fall into the clutches of France now that Prince Rainer III has passed on.

These geeks remind me of some of my friends back home... who's kidding who, they remind me of some of my friends here too! ;-)

The Cookie Monster's going on a diet??

Buzztracker is a new utility that tracks the locations mentioned in Google news. It kinda gives you an overall of where things are happenin' on any given day.

What's your definition of "being rich"? I doubt mine is something as short as this one, where's health? Where's learning? Where's action? ;-)

Hold on a sec, just gotta answer my cell phone... um no way man!

Top 10 reasons why people quit their jobs.

Great site where peaple take pictures of themselves as they shake their head.

Iran has more blogs then Germany? What? I like this one: "Der Blog, Die Blog, oder Das Blog?"

Words to live by, always get their name, employee number, whatever. I worked in a call center as a report manager and you wouldn't believe how many dropped calls, looped menus etc this place had.

As good as my hiking skills have gotten over the past half year, there's still no way I'd be good enough to do mountaineering full time, although I'd certainly like to get paid for going to Antartica instead of shelling out good coin to go see it for only 2 weeks next year!

The one where the guy helps her and his girlfriend starts beating the crap out of him is hilarious!
Saw this first on "The Raw Prawn", ingenious publicity demonstration from 3M showing off their new security glass. Anyone who could break the glass (with their feet), could take the money.

Gotta catch my last train of this crazy trip...

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