Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bonn Is Bonn

Having to stop by the university in Bonn (last week) has the great advantage of giving the opportunity to check out the picturesce scenery around the Rheine. First stop was a small watering hole inbetween Koblenz and Bonn for the game (allez les blues!) and of course, checking out the horsies:

Bonn was cool, with the World Cup on now there just seems to be an energy going around that's really hard to explain. It's like the head's been cut off of old German inambitions:

After a long day a nice slow drive along the Rheine away from the traffic of the AutoBahn was a welcome change. Of course if you're ever in the area you should really take a moment and treat yourself to one of the 5-star restaurants catering to the "slightly-above-Ross-income-group" society. The meal cost a cool hundy, but the wine and pampering couldn't be beat:

One last smack of the lips and drop of wine and it was time to say goodbye to another great day in Germany...


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