Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Deutschland Pride

It was a great game, they've had an unbelieveable run (that concludes Saturday in Stuttgart where I'll just happen to be!), they gave 110%, there's nothing more anyone could have asked for. I am extremely proud of what the German team was able to accomplish and hope they carry it through to a strong 3rd place victory in my home VFB Stuttgart stadium :-)

More importantly this team has taken the country to the next step. The 1954 "Das Wunder Von Bern" German World Cup victory was the first ray of hope for a post WWII war-torn Germany that allowed the country to start to live again. It was an amazing transformation. Similarly this world cup run, although not a victory, has re-instilled a spirit of national pride in Germans that they have not seen since the dark days of the Nazi regime. It is ok once again to be proud to be a Deutschlander.

Be proud of your team Germany, be proud to be German.


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