Monday, July 03, 2006

Shame Ross, Shame

With everything that's going on I... I can't even say it... I forgot it was Canada Day on Saturday :-(

Not even an inclining... nada.

That is brutal beyond repair. In a somewhat half-hearted defence I have been travelling for the past 3 weeks and I was in France doing the 24 Rollerblading competition and we were all watching France defeat Brazil for a shocking 1-0 victory and I had been on a train for 11 hours coming back from watching an even bigger Germany win against Argentina at our favorite university bar hall (2500+) and I'm running a little low on energy considering the amount of work, play and lack of sleep that's been going around and that's just not an excuse.

I'm ashamed and will have to toast Canada twice as hard tonight, but first I have a windsurfing leason to attend :-)

PS> Cheers to all my mates back home, we'll do it up as soon as I get back :-)

PPS> Check out this great Canada Day post from Gadling.

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