Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stutgart Saturday

Fuck, I totally meant to post this like 3 weeks ago when I first arrived and then I was going to talk about it at the grad last Friday (which was cancelled) and... and... and..

Anyways to all the ex-Pforzheimer's, we're meeting in Stuttgart this Saturday to catch up and watch Tim fart. Be there if you can, I haven't talked to the gang in a couple weeks but I think the basic plan is meet at 1pm somewhere with cold beers, end up at Schlossplatz/Circle Beer Place (CBP/Palace Der Republique) for the game (which is going to be crazy awesome since Germany is playing) and then hit the town (nothing planned although high seat place and schlappelickplatz are defiantly on the list). If you are retarded and need another reason to party then come and congratulate Patrick Elias on his recent engagement!

Call Stephan/Jenny for details or shoot me an e-mail to my gmail or sympatico account. Ok, public service announcement over, I'm off for the France game...

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