Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wedding Bells Summer 06 Redeux

Another summer, another rash of weddings :-) This time (just 3 weeks after the last) it's Julie and Dru taking the plunge. Congrats to you both, I know how much fun you've been having together these last few years and I know it'll continue for a long time to come... and here she comes now:

I was talking with the father (at the bar of course) and he was genuinely glowing with pride, with good reason; my memories of my time working in Waterloo (after university) will always include the good times Al, Mur-Dog, Stevie J, Chris, Karen, Julie and the "girls" had. A new era in KW begins:

With the ceremony complete the presure was off (my money was on tears during the ceremony but with the exception of some glassy eyes during the registry signing Julie held out strong :-)

It was time to party!

Some of us have class... and others put the "ass" in "class" ;-) Hey Stevie, save me a drop or two eh! :-)

New friends where made:

Our table was definatly the roudy one of the bunch... why does that always happen at weddings with the tables I sit at?!?!? ;-)

The party was a bit much for some of us ;-)

A little coffee would wake the beast to continue the night of par-teh!

Que the mu-saque! Stevie pulled down the garter after out-leaping another lad who was a bit vertically challenged. Damnit, I got a pinky on it but couldn't make the play!

A couple single boys finish off courting the locals with some smooth dancin' and operatin' and caps the night with a waterloo tradition: Mel's all day/night breakfast! (we actually caught up with a few others from the wedding there by chance... you can't keep a good thing like Mel's a secret after all!)

Good times had by all. It's been years since the last time I was in Waterloo and we made a pledge not to let it go that long again, confirming the deal with some Oktoberfest tix for the Rec Complex on the last Saturday (Oct. 14th if you want to join us!). Considering that this is the largest Oktoberfest in the world outside of Germany and that I've been in Munich for the celebration the last 3 years, it was definatly time to re-experience the party in Waterloo like the good old uni-days. Hope to see ya there!! :-)

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