Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wedding Bells

Before hitting the shores of Sicily there was the delightful stopover in Paris for Domi and Matt's wedding celebrations! This would mark my first official "French" wedding (not counting Quebec weddings in Canada) and although there were a few differences they are much like North American and German weddings... and of course a whole lot of fun! :-) Here's the bride and groom as they exit the downtown Paris chapel, a beautiful pair to match a beautiful ceremony:

Here's the bride's maid/best men gang as they combine and put the final touches on the presentation for the evening festivities. I'm sure the fact that I offered to put everyone's luggage in our car, and then subsequently lose my car in the jugle of parking and roads that downtown Paris is, did not help stress levels! (with some local help I did eventually find it!)

With Domi toutes seule:

The old French international Waterloo reunited (Captain and French are mean ass dancers and can really groove the floor!)

No party is a party without sparklers, torches and fireworks! (my digi-cam was way too slow to get the fireworks)

The mainstay of any French wedding... or party for that matter, is the wine and dancing. I knew from my Waterloo days that when the French gang gets together you'd better bring your dancing shoes, so I laced em up and got into the groove with the rest of the gang:

The party of course got totally out of control French style (click the pic below for a little vid). They actually started "surfing" people on top of the party-worm, awesome!

I don't even know why we got a hotel room considering we crawled out of the 16th century castle (where the reception was being held) at 6am, but it certainly didn't make catching an 11am flight to Sicily very easy! ;-)

Congrats to Domi and Matt (who are as an amazing couple as they are individuals) on your wedding and have a great couple weeks in Thailand! (I expect a full photographic update as soon as you get back!!)

Aaallllllllllleeeeerrrr!!!!! ;-)

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