Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Times

As I lay here in bed coughing too much to sleep and to sore to really do anything I think back to some better times, like the weekend bash before leaving for Europe :-) Who says you can't have fun in Hamilton!

There's nothing like relazing in the sun with a cold beer and BBQ steaks. Hey Chris, open up your socks and let your feet enjoy the sun eh! ;-)

Gizzy is turning back into the Hulk he was back in the day... pretzel anyone? No thanks. ;-)

Stevie J being Stevie J :-)

German: Cool, they make hotdogs right at the bar!
Us: Dude watch out for that street meat, it'll get ya!
German: No way, gimme one of those dogs!
Hotdog: Gotcha! (German's face goes totally red with a rash, hilarious!)

Every night has to come to an end, might as well finish it off with a total wipeout at the front door. I swear there is no way Chris could have fallen like that again (while opening the door). It was the weirdest and funiest thing ever!

I can't wait to ditch this cold and get back to the good times...

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