Here is the e-mail I recieved after I asked HP to ship me a cable to connect my new HP printer to my computer (an essential step for printing documents!): ----- Dear Ross, The all-in-one devices, including your HP PSC 2105, are not shipped with a USB printer cable. Initially the all-in-one devices were shipped with a printer cable but the majority of the customers complained that they did not need the printer cable for the reasons listed below. * Many customers already have a cable and do not require another cable. * Many customers use their all-in-one product as a standalone fax and/or copier and do not require a cable. * Many customers require a specific length of cable to fit within their physical work environment. If a cable shipped with their All-in-one product and did not meet their needs, they would have to buy another cable. Since the cost of the printer cable is around $20.00, customers had to unnecessarily bear the cost of the printer cable which would in turn increase the cost of the product. Taking all the reasons listed above into account, HP decided not to ship a printer cable with the all-in-one products. This allows customers to purchase the printer cable, if needed. Customer service and satisfaction are at the top of our corporate goals. I truly regret any inconvenience caused to you. For information on ordering parts and accessories, visit the following Web sites: Part Name: HP 2.0 USB Printer cable, Six feet(2 meters) Part Number: C6518A HP Parts Direct: -OR- HP Shopping: Thank you for contacting HP Total Care. Sincerely, Sameer HP Total Care ----- Thanks for stiffing me with no lube HP!!