Thursday, September 25, 2003

Wednesdays if you don't already know it are "Bomber" nights every week during the semester at the university of waterloo. I have apparently carried that tradition over the ocean with me as I have been to the Irish Pub (coincedentally a 5 minute crawl from my appartment) every week now for three weeks. This morning (or rather this afternoon as I did not even get to bed until 7AM local time) was rough to say the least. One of the very distintive points of the night that I actually do remember was slapping a hundie bill (euros) on the bar and ordering a shot for the bar... very cool to see them use every shot glass, brandy glass, and even beer glass for that matter to get the job done (2 full bottles of bailies and 2 full bottles of calua for the record). Very sweet, very cool, and a very light wallet to carry home at the end of the night... which my friend T-bone and I desided was not at 4AM as the bouncer indicated, but 7AM, so we bought some hefe and drank and "be merried" for an additional 3 hours... a very rough afternoon indeed!

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