Sunday, October 12, 2003

So I'm sitting in my all day human resources seminar yesterday and the teacher is having us do introductions, you know like our name interests etc to loosen up the class. So it cums around to this Russian girl (a good friend of mine and fellow hockey lover) and she goes "Hi my name is Lolita, I am from Russia, I like hockey, but not Canadian hockey"... my jaw hit the ground... Hilarious!

So after the class had stopped their delirious laughter the teacher asked me what the difference is between Canadian hockey and Russian hockey, I dutifully replied that although there were many great Russian players (that all cum over and play in the NHL) the only difference that I could see was that we win and they loose... not one of my greatest cumbacks, but in a class full of international students where the English comprehension is somewhat limited, it's the simple responses that go over best. I'm glad to say that everything was all taken in stride and we've started to plan the DEL (German professional hockey league) game roadie, stay tuned for the deets!

One last comment for my dear Russian colleague... SCOREBOARD!

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