Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The deets on another Gemini event:

On December 2nd U/AStA will organize Running Dinner Night for second time. Running Dinner means get to know other Students and having a great time eating self made meals. That´s the way Runnig Dinner works: Two of you are one team or pair, each team has to cook one course
(appetizer, main course or dessert ). The organizing team from U/AStA will tell you which course you´ll have to prepare.
If you have for example to prepare the appetizer, two other teams will come to you at your home and eat with you. After your appetizer, you´ll
have to go to another team, which will make the main course and so on. After all of you are well-fed, Party is going on at StuWo Bar in Keppler -
Wohnheim. Each team has to pay 8 Euros for registration.This money is invested in the drinks for the party. Registration will be at AStA -office till 19.11.03.

Good idea, sounds interesting, can I sign up for a hottie though?

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