Monday, November 24, 2003

Went to Wal-mart today, Walmart in Deutschland is like a little slice of home, and today more than usual.

Now we all know how I buy almost everything I own here at Wal-mart, it's just too convienient (the Wal-mart's here have grocery stores attached), too cheap and too accomidating (stay tuned for a soon to be posted list of the good and bad of Germany, top of the list: paying for frigging bags at stores!, but not at Wal-mart!). Today was a great day for Wal-mart because this week is "american product week". Every week they pick a different country and ship in country-specific product brands, and although I staunchly correct anyone here calling me american (if you speak English here, you're "american"), I think this is close as I'm going to get for some home cooking as I don't anticipate a "canadian product week" anytime soon. Here's a rundown of some of my totally overpriced homesteads I was able to pick up:

Kraft Dinner (can you believe they don't have this here!?!?) - 2.39 euros, that's almost 4 bucks canadian a box, a box that goes for rouphly 10 cents in Canada :-)

Beatty Crocker Icing and brownie mix - 6 euroes icing (10 Canadian bucks) and 3 euros (5 bucks) for the mix, actually the mix isn't that much of a markup I guess. Mmmm borwnies... :-)

There was some other things there like cracker jacks, marshmellows, cookies etc etc etc, but after the 6 euro icing who really cares? :-)


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