Friday, January 23, 2004

Haven't blogged in a couple days, a direct result of exams, assignments, presentations etc etc etc... but the good news is classes for first semester are finally finished!! Just 2 projects, 3 exams and some crap to take care of before sweet steaks and hockey at home.

A couple thoughts from the past couple days:

Found a "Calvin and Hobbs" website, this used to be (and still is) my favorite comic strip. It's quite simply the best of all time. I'd put the books on my Amazon Wishlist if I didn't already own every one :-) Check out the "Spaceman Spiff" game they have, good for hours of exam-studying avoidance!

If you're not planning on signing up for business leadership next September, do it. Alot of work but equally productive and valuable.

Go check out the world's most respected companies 2003, complements of Aiste.

And finally, some of you have been wondering what I REALLY look like with short hair, so I've posted a pic from a previous vacation in Germany from a couple years ago, reminds me of some very good times and gives me inspiration to get through these fucking boring exams:


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