Saturday, February 07, 2004

I'm now takeing bets on wether I'll be able to get into EuroCup 2004:

"Police will give breath tests to fans who arrive for Euro 2004 soccer games looking drunk, turning them away if they're over the alcohol limit for driving in an effort to prevent hooliganism." - Ottawa Citizen

The odds don't look good, 10-1 against?


Also in the Citizen talking about how Schroeder has now resigned as party leader but has not stepped down from his position of chancellor:

"He stressed that he would not step down as chancellor, but his decision to give up the party leadership raises questions as to whether he can cheat political death for much longer."

Yes, just how long CAN he "cheat political death" :-)


And finally, in the ongoing competition between Canada and Russia on "all things hockey", Ottawa (my birthplace, capital of Canada and home to the longest skating rink in the world) is now challenging Russia's claim to have the largest rink. This is all just a leadup to Russia's eventual ASS-KICKING that Canada will lay on them at the World Hockey Championships. Let round 1 begin!

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