Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Some interesting points for today:

The Pforzheim University e-mail server seems to be down, and apparently has been for over a week. Aussie all my e-mails I've been sending you over the last two weeks are bouncing back now... useless! So if you have a pf e-mail account and you're wondering why no-one is sending you e-mails, mystery solved. Don't get your hopes up Tim, YOUR empty mailbox is because no one loves you :-)

I'm looking to switch to O2 when I get back because Vodaphone is a bloodsucking cash rapist. I wish this phone (scroll to links at the bottom) would be available by then, alas I doubt my wallet could sustain that economic hit as I think the starting price is going to be more than I even paid for my laptop (have I mentioned recently how much I love my laptop, as I joyfully type away on it).

A coin flip is no longer 50-50? E-gads! I was also interested at the small point at the end that states that a spinning penny (assumeably an American penny) lands tails 80% of the time due to weight distribution. I think I just made up a new word: assumeably :-)

A website showing some of the best pictures of 2003 (according to them). Some of them aren't bad including this picture of the world at night:

Finally, interesting business news cuming out of IBM. This strategy worked wonders for Nintendo in the 80's, but is Microsoft just to big and pervasive in today's marketplace?

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