Monday, March 29, 2004

Today I waited over 40 minutes to get into the university parking lot before giving up and resorting to an old illegal spot that I used to use. The frigging car counter thing (I'm sure that's the official term for it) is always broken... actually worse than broken, it functions as badly as I do after a full afternoon of soccer, basketball and all night "boot/stifle" drinking, which is not too good. What a great time Sat, and for all of us old folks that are still sore 2 full days after playing all I can say is that it's time to get back into shape, right after I apply some bengay.

Here's a great article on 40 things drunkies should do before they die. As for my score, 35 down, 5 to go. For the record only number 6, 14, 34, 37 and 40 elude my resume. I get half a point for #6 as I've done it in a regular graveyard, a bonus point for number 11 (story to follow) and 14 is only a matter of time before I get my house and subsequently my state of the art drinking facility. I especially like this quote: "And when you do belly up to that big open bar in the sky and the bartender asks: “What sort of life did you lead?” you can look him right in the eye and say, “Gabe, baby, I’m glad this is eternity, because I’ve got a helluva lot of stories to tell.”

As for #11, now I've bought many a drink over the years both for friends, foes and others but there's one time that just came to mind from the great Daytona spring break roadie of 2001 (22 hour drive there, 18 back not including the 2 hour stop by the border police confiscating our fireworks). Everyone knows that EuroRoss puts the "ass" in "class", especially when getting a good booze on, so we're all sitting in Flannagin's irish restaurant/bar having our daily 3PM 2 for 1 pints and these two smoking hotties walk in and sit a couple tables away from the bar where we've staked out for the last week. So EuroRoss descides he's worthy of their attention and wants to somehow differentiate himself from all the other masses that try the typical "sending a drink over to the table". Long story short, I sent over a couple waters and had the waiter tell the girls "the gentlemen over there sent these over, because you're worth it". Needless to say it was a hilarious afternoon. It didn't actually work beyond getting a couple laughs from them and about an hour of conversation, but we were gods to the bartenders and rest of the barfly's for the rest of the week. As an afterthought, just writting this story in the blog fullfills #34, another one bites the dust!

An update on other current addictions: Buitoni pasta with Knorr napoli sause and an unhealthy dose of pepper, getting live playoff webcast, team 1200 radio audio and stat feed from and listening to looped versions of narcotic by liquido, BNL live Ottawa 2004 and reflections by the one and only miss Diana Ross.

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