Sunday, July 04, 2004

Alright! Good luck to the old MBA/IC team against the young IMP scallywaggers today, we'll need it. Good luck to home team Portugal, they won't need it. (I'm now on Portugal's bandwagon now that Germany descided to lift the burden of competition from anyone in their group and as England has completed their traditional shootout loss). Great day today, presentations are over and just a couple exams and papers to finish before I can crank my new BBQ useage into full gear :-)

For all the new MBA's they'll be an update e-mail on housing for you sometime in the next 2 weeks, hopefully sooner rather than later. Of course we're always available for questions in the meantime.

Finally, here's and interesting site with sample Internet cafe prices from around the world. With the amount of time I'm on the Internet I wonder if it's worth moving to Turkey? :-)

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