Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Odense or Obscene??

Rocking around Odense one might think something fishy's going on, either that or we've got a dirty, dirty mind. Take a look at some of the sights of Odense and tell me what YOU would think!

Um... is this titled insertion?

There's a bird in the sky perhaps? ;-)

I'm not sure I see what's so abnormal ;-)

Trick camerawork extraordinaire:


Now that's comfy!

Some store clerk playing a funny joke had the manican pants drop, nothing to see here eveyone, move along, move along!

I love the Danish language:

This button "Boys are Toys" was on some guy's backpack and I though it was hilarious, he didn't though and almost killed me for taking this picture. I guess he had a bit of a masculinity complex, maybe rightly so ;-)

Ouch, the most riské post EuroRoss has ever had I guess, except for maybe those self shots of me in the morning straight out of bed... now those were scary!! ;-)

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