Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekender Web Hits

Some hits from around the web to (hopefully) spice up your weekend :-)

Traveling on a budget? Check out Couch Surfers to hook up with others lending a couch/floor/lawn for tent/etc. for fellow travelers. Very sympatico.

The Forbes list of the richest people in the world... the richest fictional characters in the world that is. Love how Mr. Burns chims in at #6.

A really cool Christmas lights show. That guys either:
1 - Has too much time on his hands,
2 - Hasn't gotten laid since the last x-mas season,
3 - Both.

Speaking of people with too much time on their hands... geez.

From Slashdot, an interesting view on newspaper survival in the Internet age. Also via Slashdot this link to an interesting experiment with community vote drawing. And finally, this Canadian ex-minister has one too many Labatte Blue's :-)

Get fit with your iPod, giving yet another justification to buy that video iPod for X-mas :-) Speaking of Christmas, here's a geeky gift - USB powered foam missles. Hilarious.

This weeks creativity award goes to this guy who pasted a bunch of blank cartoon speach bubbles around town and then went back a week later to see what people wrote in them. Cudos, very cool.

Last bit with a touch of vanity, the "Le Mans 24hr. Rollerblading Challenge" which pits almost 500 teams of up to 10 people each against each other in a relay race has pics and video online. Check this video out. Notice the green streak of pure speed that goes by the camera at 4:40 into the vid. Oh yeah baby, Ross reeling in competitors on one of his laps around the track, BOO-YA! :-) :-)

That's all, early to bed tonight as I'm off to Les Blogs 2.0 tomorrow...

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