Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whole Lotta Somethin'

The weekend links coming through...

Gotta love the Germans, this vid made me laugh out loud! If you're more into conspirasies, check this one hour video on 9/11.

Got a phone job interview coming up? Some tips.

Send an e-mail/sms to any cell phone for free (works only with North American phones, I'm sure there's something like this for European phones too).

MySpace is HUGE with the teenies, over 50 million of them. Perhaps MySpace grows into the social network of the future when all these teens grow up, or in growing up do they leave MySpace behind?

Quote of the week: "I feel like a fish in water." - Alexander Ovechkin (on how much he likes playing in the NHL).

Too easy an end.

Some fantastic airial pics around Mexico, I liked this one the best:

This fun site tracks money as it moves around the world. Check your bills and see where they've been!

These guys are the Olympic swimmer version... for ants.

Back to the grindstone...

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