Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hockey Country

If you weren't watching the game tonight then you missed out. Despite the first game second round loss (I still think the sens will come back and win it) the game was absolutely amazing. Just take a look at the scoresheet:

- A goal 35 seconds into the game
- 2 goals 15 seconds apart 3 mins later for Ottawa to take the lead
- A goal 2 mins into the second period
- A goal 16 seconds into the third period
- 3 goals in the last 2 minutes of the third, one in the last 10 seconds to send it to overtime
- Overtime winner 18 seconds into the period
- Scoring from 10 different guys

Awesome! (offensively that is)

And who is more clutch than Chris Drury? That guy used to score winners when he started with Colorado and just keeps on doing it where ever he goes. Wow, what a hockey player!

I can't wait until game 2, but we all will, because it isn't until Monday night due to a scheduling conflict. What with you ask? "Dora the Explorer" childrens show... ... ... WTF?!? Now Saturday Night HNIC game?? Is this hockey country???

Monday it is: REVENGE!!! :-)


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