Friday, May 19, 2006

Sympatico Blows

Despite having poured thousands of dollars into internet fees over the past 10 years to Bell Sympatico, they somehow do not value my business. The latest in a long list of poor customer service examples (including a line error technician visit, still waiting now after 70 days...) they have now done something that requires me to soon end the relationship permanently.

One of the big reasons I stuck with Sympatico was that the high speed connectivity, while hardly near as fast as they advertise (they have a long list of bullshit excuses, I've heard them all in 3 different locations) is quite stable and reliable and I've always used my sympatico e-mail as my primary personal address so changing that would be a real pain in the A$$. But now the integrity of their e-mail system has totally shocked me.

Today after experiencing a problem with logging into customer self care, we (the phone customer service agent and I) changed my pop and smtp servers back to the originals from 4 months ago. You see it was about that time that I was offered a special package of ulta-high speed (never came, they reverted me back to regular and as mentioned above am STILL waiting for a technician to come and figure out why) and a new "MSN wireless modem/router". Gravy.

Actually no. They switched over my mail servers to the Microsoft passport servers (the ones the originals "supposidly" automatically forward to and from) and everything seemed fine, that is until today when upon changing my server info back (which is not supposed to make any difference according to the customer service agent) I recieved an additional 4 e-mails from the past week that I hadn't seen before. This is scary.

Since I send hundreds of e-mails every day and they've all (assumingly) worked fine, why all of a sudden am I recieving extra mails that weren't recieved on the day they were sent but only after changing server info?!? So now I don't know when I am and am not recieving all my e-mails to that account, and have no idea for how long this has been going on or how many mails were lost in the process.

My rage at this situation and the lack of any (plausible) explaination, fix or guarentee that this will not happen again from the customer service reps (who seem to know less than I do, which in itself scares me beyond belief) is beyond explanation.

Sympatico you have lost the confidence of a long term customer who also happens to have set up and recommended your service to over 15 of my non-techie friends and family. I will be advising them all to switch as soon as possible.

You make me sick.

PS> If you never recieved an e-mail responce from me in the last 4 months, there's a good chance I'm not ignoring you, I probably didn't recieve the message. Just resend to my gmail account (same beginning

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