Sunday, July 02, 2006

Killing Time Update

I've got more "Killing Time With Ross" video's coming, but unfortunatly editing out the "not safe for publication" material is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! Hopefully I'll get something up soon.

Of course the cut material is the best,
leaving the rest,

I should write poetry ;-) But the point is that some videos will be private showings only... that last sentance sounded WAY more pornographic than I meant it to.

...and an update on my first video "Killing Time On The Stuttgart S-Bahn"
(great title eh ;-)

It's now quietly moved over the 250 view mark (YouTube, Blip and direct download) which means about half my 500+ normal daily readers have taken a look (ok if you want to get technical I'm sure less than half). Video is where the future of the web is at once broadband becomes ubiquitous. If my crappy 10 minute digital camera movie can get over 250 viewers in less than a month with absolutly no promotion (other than through the blog) or brand recognition then there's certainly something there. Heck it took 2+ years of daily posts just to get 500+ daily readers on my blog!

So what are the rest of you waiting for, go take a look and shoot me some feedback! :-)

PS> No Sarah, I will not post your semi-naked rendition of Riverdance you performed on my living room table to the delight of the other party guests last month... no matter how many times you ask me to! ;-)

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