Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday Scintillation

Here's what's sizzlin':

Crazy, crazy fishing.

Get what you want by knowing what you want and knowing how much you can expend to get it.

Some old website useability "don't"'s that still ring true today.

You're a shapechanger... actually we all are because of the seasons.

Who's your top 40? I know one thing, Maura Tierney and Elizabeth Shue are in my top 5 over forty or not! :-)

Farewell to a fantastic competitor that did his nation proud. He's the player I love to hate during the Bundesliga season and then rally behind for Germany internationals. We'll miss ya Titan...

Twenty-five money tips.

A nifty marketing idea, you know those hand stamps you get when entering a club?...

Germans can't possibly like Hasselhoff this much... or can they?!?

A great nutrition site that will break down calories and nutritional value for each type of food (great for comparing fast food meals and "what would be more nutritious from that store" utility).

Why isn't packaging more fun? Mmmm, I love ketchup...

This is how search engine spiders see EuroRoss.

Some more creative advertising, covering steaming New York City manhole covers with hot coffee ads:

From fishies to steaming manholes... what a day.

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