Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rack It In

So I figured I'd check out my local pub where I regularly catch the game since I hadn't been back since leaving for World Cup in Germany (summer's a slow pub scene with no hockey/soccer/football having started yet). As I'm sitting there, minding my own business, enjoying the 2-0 Breman smackdown on Bayern for the Liga Cup, the waitress and bartender start smiling when I asked for the bill. Weird.

With the bill comes a closed envelope, weird. I ask them what's up and they just shake there heads with a sly smile on their faces. The envelope... filled with cash! You betcha, I won the World Cup pool!

Having totally forgotten that I had even entered ($5 and I played it one day before the World Cup started and before leaving for Germany). Four hundred bones, BAM!

PS> It actually ended up costing me about $500, $100 for the round for the bar and $800 for the all-inclusive flight/hotel/food/booze weekend to the Florida keys I bought with the winnings... I guess I'll just have to win this years NFL pool to cover the "loses" ;-)


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