Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fon Customer Service Sucks

Google has given Fon some investment dollars perhaps they can also give them some good customer service practices. As opposed to the untouchable service given by companies like Newsgator, Fon by contrast is competing for worst ever. Here's the result of my question:


Suggested Answer

• I can’t detect any FON Hotspots from where I am
• My ISP use authentication by mac address to connect the FON router to the modem cable
• I have not had any problems connecting to FON in the past but now I can no longer get access.
• I can detect a FON Hotspot but I cannot connect to it
• I can detect a FON Access Point but I cannot connect to it

We have detected that you have not filled in the order number when sending your delivery request. In order to solve your issue on a timely manner please respond to this message indicating the order number.


FON customer care


Useless. No I won't be asking again and therefore will not be a Fonero. Waste... of... my... time.

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