Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sicily Goodbye's

Well hopefully this last Sicily post will conjure up some warm weather thoughts to drive away the last remenants of this nasty flu/cold thing I've been flemming up for the past couple days! Having left the Aolean islands the last stop was to check out Cefalu and the national park before flying back to Europe.

Cefalu is an amazing city. For hikers there's the castle and church that overlook the entire seaside city from a mountain perk that can be climbed. The views (especially at sunset) are unbelievably awesome. The city itself is no slouch either!

Great restaurants, seaside barscene and bit of the unordinary mark this port. Case in point one night I had to check out the puppet museum and theatre:

The 20 minute show was a bit hokey but the kids (and the kid in me) liked it just fine. The best part was the small room upstairs with all the sample puppets from over the years. Some of them haven't been used in a very long time, like that weird looking one on the end ;-)

Best 5 bucks spent for sure! Ok this next pic isn't even the castle in Cefalu, it's Taormina's monestary which is also located on the top of a mountain overlooking the city (I lost one of my memory cards with a bunch of pics :-(

Anyways the monestary was closed as apparently it's only open weekends... man that was a hot day to be shut out at the top of a long climb!

If you're lucky (and get to know the manager the night before) you can make a reservation at one of the many fabuous restaurants in Cefalu. This pic was taken right from our seaside patio table:

Sicily, what peace, what adventure!

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