Monday, November 06, 2006

Toronto FC

It's official, I got my Toronto FC season tickets today!! :-)

2007 will be the inagural season for Toronto in the MLS (Major League Soccer) league and I'll be a part of it as one of the Red Patch Boys which is a new fan group (section 112). The name is in respect of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division gathered from the Toronto area at the outbreak of World War II and the logo includes the gold maple leaf that they also once wore.

Check it out, my seat:

VFB Stuttgart will always be #1 in my book (they are about to CRUSH Hamburg tomorrow to move into first place in the bundesliga!) but for the time being while I spend just over 65% of my time here in Canada I'll have to be content watching VFB on satelite at the pub and cheering for the only Canadian MLS team Toronto FC :-)

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