Monday, November 13, 2006

You'll Never Walk Alone

VFB Stuttgart #1, 67's building, Toronto FC tix in the bank, Sens no worries, Bietingheim Steelers reeling em' in, Karlsruhe making a push for the big boys league, 4 nations cup in the bag! So sports is goin' good :-) Traveling is going strong too, Deutschland-Paris-Chicago-Czech-London-Canada 1,2,3-Sicily-Florida-Vancouver-Ireland-Moskova-St.Petersburg(better, Go CSKA Go!)-Algonquin-Ottawa back; Rock on! Now if I could just get the J-birds and the Bee's onside ;-)

As Liverpool fans in the historic Champions League final against Milan or as Celtic against racism: it's all about passion, trust, heart and soul - "You'll Never Walk Alone":


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