Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends from around the internet:

What are the odds we'll die by...

13 things we just... don't... know.

Create a Shutdown icon on your desktop (winXP).

Tips on better learning.

Curiously gross, funny and baffeling, urine sliding:

Fifty mistakes men make when having sex... or eight things women do wrong in bed. 50 to 8, not as bad a ratio as I thought ;-)

Instead of buying that PS3, do one of these things.

Speed up the pace of innovation, iterate.

Number of allocated IP's per country. Canada clocks in at #3 with over 2 per person... I own 5, therefor I must be eating someone else's share of the pie ;-)

The internet is weird.

Ten steps to mental fitness.

Christmas is coming:

I'm outie...

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