Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve 2006

Out of all the pics from last night, here's us looking our... best? ;-) Notice the Much Music Canada's New Years Eve Bash on TV in the background, yep we had it going on! ;-)

Ok, so the tele wasn't so invigorating, maybe this will work: intoxication.

Al showing off her extreme range of dancing abilities. Trust me, in the postmortem hangover central this morning this was enough for most of us to collectively pee our pants. (you can't see the pic unless you turn the brightness up)

Night pics didn't turn out but you can certainly get a feel for the view from this morning's view from Joe's apartment:

Thanks for having us Joe/better half, and to everyone else for a smashing good time :-) Day 1, 2007: complete. :-)

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