Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Flashbacks

Man, did this weekend just happen?! Picking up my camera tonight I found that I indeed take some pics last night, here's the web-friendly ones, starting with Griz loving his cheese-less/topping-less pizza... basically hot bread with tomato sauce :-) Thanks for the 'za Gizz!

The night started rather slow... or perhaps fast... who knows, I think I was loaded when I took this pic, and I know that Steve was loaded when I took this pic, notice how he's having trouble "finding" himself. Luckily Griz was there to save the day: "here you are Steve" :-)

In what promises to become a running gag Stevie recycles a Christmas "gift" and passes on the love to Grizzy. Griz is there something we ought to know?? ;-)

Best part of the night is when Griz cuts off a car full of guys who initially wanted to kill him until they saw the bumper sticker, then they just flashed and honked our way on. Oh yeah, Griz had no idea that the sticker was on there nor could he understand why we wanted to take this pic... mystery solved cock-lover! :-)

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