Sunday, February 18, 2007

Winterlude 2007

This morning we woke up early to go into Ottawa and hit the canal and last day of Winterlude festivities (the Winter canival here in Ottawa). The sun was shinning, it was a manageble -12 degrees and the rink was in great shape. As you can see, the Ottawa canal (which is coverted into a skating rink in the winter) is just over 7km long and as the sign says just so happens to be the largest rink in the world! :-)

Here's a taste of what the canal was like today:

There's lots of events during Winterlude inluding kite-boarding/skating. Very cool, the line was too big today so I'll hit it tomorrow during a work day to avoid the crowds:

Some people enjoy the atmosphere with a free ride ;-) Heh-ya little buddy!

After working up a sweat there's nothing better than a hot chocolate and an old fashioned BeaverTail :-) The crowd agrees:

My tummy has never been happier:

On the way home it was time to indulge in another Ottawa favorite, picking up some fries from Carling St. S&G for lunch. The sign says it all: "Best In Town!" :-)

Can't wait to go back tomorrow for a regular day of skating. Winterlude is finished for another year but the rink will be going strong for weeks to come... :-)

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