Thursday, March 29, 2007

San Fran

The travelling tour is going crazy fast, already a week gone by! I figured I better get up some pics from San Francisco considering the fact that I'm already skipping out on most of my plans here in Sydney to hit 5:30am waves, no joke.

So here's a quick photosnapshot of how great San Fran was (more to cum):

Want a workout? Try trekking through San Fran all day. The hills are killer on the knees!

Of course I checked out the local tourist hot spots, including the warf. Ok that's enough of that...

There's also lots of hidden treasures around the various parks and plaza's around the city:

Another great hide away, and fantastic spot for a pint I might add:

There's nothing like a lazy afternoon nap :-)

Love the sea lions. I sat here having lunch and could have let them entertain me all day:

The Art Museum, very cool:

Five hours after leaving the downtown core I finally arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. Way more impressive in movies and TV than in real life. Well cross that one off the list:

Looks like rain, the view of the city from the GG Bridge:

The rain threatened to move in but the surfers were happier than ever as the waves started rolling in really nice like:



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