Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sport Is Not Worth A Life

As much as I love sports, playing, watching, cheering... there's one thing that is completly clear. Sports, any sport or all sports, is not worth a life.

Yesturday in Sicily a police officer died when one of the fans threw a homemade bomb during a riot. Let me repeat that: A HOMEMADE BOMB! This is disgusting in itself but it's also scary since it was this same game (same teams in the opposing stadium) that I wanted to go to while in Sicily but couldn't (missed it by a day of arrival).

Even more disgusting that this actually happened is the fact that both team managers/organisations are, instead of acknowleging this attrocity, they are blaming the other side for fault!

"Catania president Antonio Pulvirenti blamed Palermo fans for the violence. "Clearly the incidents were provoked by the Palermo fans when they entered the stadium," he said.""
Of course he doesn't mention how the visiting Palermo fans were held outside the stadium for the first half (the Catania fans had no problems getting in) and that when they did arrive they were showered with fireworks from raging home fans.

Fuck both teams, fans and team officials, this death is on all your hands. Disgusting.

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