Thursday, April 12, 2007

Melbourne Days, Melbourne Nights

After a great start to Melbourne with the opening season AFL game it was time to get up and experience the city. Before that however we caught up with Oz and bines and their new diggs. Here Aussie shows off his sweet new ride... I'm talking about the bike ;-) No way was I going to miss out on hitting the road on that beast! (again, talking about the bike! ;-)

Aussie's new dog. Best... dog... ever!
Update: Just got an e-mail that our little friend Brandy has left us suddenly. We all miss you buddy and I'm glad I got a chance to meet you.

The afternoon couldn't have been better, some kite surfers enjoying the afternoon:

Melbourne harbour. Great view, and the last picture before the hard core boozing started :-)

The view above the patio at the bar we baked at all afternoon. Considering that this is the only web-friendly picture from the entire afternoon should give some indication of how hammed we already were before going out Sat night :-)

More from Sat night and the MASSIVE sunday morning hangover tomorrow, time to hit the beach :-)