Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TFC - The Beginning

Last week to a sold out crowd of over 20,000, Toronto FC (TFC) started what will become the greatest soccer team in Canada/MLS :-) Having bought my supporter's section season tickets over a year ago it was finally time to break bread in the new stadium. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Toronto FC!! :-)

The promo leading up to the big franchise opener, it's great to watch the game and see the C.N. Tower in the background:

Let the game begin!

The end stands are filled with all the supporter's clubs. Our club is know as the "Red Patch Boys" referrencing an old army division made up of Toronto locals from back in the day. Not only is our club name a tribute to those that died for our freedom, we have also affectionatly named the supporters stands as "the Bunker" :-)

The view from "the Bunker":

The crazy supporters that hold down the Bunker and lead the cheering for the rest of the stadium:

Wide angle shot of the sold out franchise opener:

Despite the 1-0 loss, the crowd was totally into the game and the team. Great times:

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