Friday, September 26, 2003

After recovering nicely yesturday I spent a great day shopping and parusing Stuttgart (30 mins west of here). Then we went to the berlin-mannheim DEL (Deutsch Eishockey League) game... a story on why berlin is my favorite team for another time, but needless to say that although they are currently first in the league, they desided not to show for this one despite being on the lineup card, shitty buzz.

Tonight I hit the local rink for some VERY expensive skating (5 euros for 2 hours) but it was good to get on the ice again. I shipped over my shitty outdoor skates in a big fedex box with some of my other "essentials." I have a meeting with a guy to play hockey there on a regular team, but it doesn't look good as I'm considered a "professional" player since I have played minor hockey in Canada and would have to pay a 500 euro transfer card to play here... my skills do not warrent a 500 euro transfer fee :-)

** There's a general get together Sunday night at 8PM at the restaurant attached to the train station for all the incuming MBA's put on by the gemini group. It's a good chance to meet each other before our orientation starts on Monday (at noon for the record) and not only will I be attending, but I will have a rundown of what Gemini is and does on the site sometime Monday night... but hopefully I'll catch you for a beer and a laugh Sunday.

** For now I will be marking "important" notes and events for the MBA class and site updates with the double star at the beginning. Hopefully my HTML etc skills will improve in the future and I will be able to put something a little more jazzy in... but don't hold your breath.

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