Sunday, October 05, 2003

In germany you have to pay for every minute you use your phone, whether it be a "handy" phone (cell) or a landline. For landline calls you can predial any of numerous numbers to get cheaper rates (aka if I want to call Canada), kinda like 10-10-220 or 1-800-COLLECT in north america. I just realized that "idiot EuroRoss" has struck again... I have been using the wrong pre-number and have used it for 10+ hours of overseas calls.

Shitty Buzz, I'll scan the bill when it cums and post it online (in the queue of things to do). I'm sure you'll all (note: not Yall) will find it freaking hilarious... and to all of you who I have not had a chance to call yet, don't hold your breath as I've now used up the "phonecall" portion of my budget until the year 2093.

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