Thursday, October 02, 2003

What a day, what a night! Day started with me getting up at 6 AM to get to my 8 AM class (I can't wait until I get my car and I can sleep in until 7:45!) in which the prof did not even show. Even better is that I still had to wait around the university for the second session later that morning, which of course was cancelled about ten minutes before it started... grumpy morning EuroRoss was starting to get even grumpier, at 1:45 I had been up for almost 8 hours and had yet to start a class. Classes ended early and my night was about to get alot better...

2-1 VFB over Manchester United!! KURANYI!! So sweet, what a game, what a game... what a game!!

After the game we hit Irish (of course, it's Wednesday!), it was full, but low key, which is cool most of the time but after the high of the game we were ready for a little more spunk. Anyways the plan had always been just to check into Irish for a beer or two en-route to Plus for the "big" party.

I've seen Plus busier (Monday night for example), but never with this much vibe. The tunes were on target, the "bub" was flowing, good good times. Let's hope we can keep the good times rolling at kirchberg tonight and O-fest this weekend...

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