Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I'm one of those chronic e-mailers who needs to check e-mail on an hourly basis and reply to mail instantly otherwise they just sit and grow in my box faster than my beerbelly (see posting below, again to lazy to insert a link myself, and now that I think about it that's not very fast at all I guess). So after a month of limited internet access (at best) while moving to Germany my inbox ballooned to over 200 unanswered e-mails (a new record). Now most of them were just the plethora of forwards Stevie J always annoys us with, but some of them were actually from you guys... please be patient, I'm working away at it and will soon be replying to messages within ten seconds like normal.

By the way, anyone who I have not e-mailed by tonight, I either don't like you or don't have your address (due to the crash explained in the e-mail you never received), so send it to me, and if you did get my update e-mail then please pass the word to those who did not. Thank you, for your kind help you win... nothing.

I will be posting the notes and my personal comments on our first ever MBA class (cultural management) shortly... one class down, millions to go...

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