Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Gemini get-together for international students tonight was low key but cool. Thanks to Kat and all others helping to organize it, and a swabish/Chicago style shout out to those that shared some happy conversation and cold drinks tonight. Lots of interesting tidbits, but I think the bulk of the excitement was the anticipation for tomorrow night's pub crawl (Mix Master Marc shoot me your e-mail and the Deutschword for this). I'm still trying to figure out if they have an informational website (of course you can always get your updates here at the EuroRoss hub), but until then here's a list of some of the upcuming events in case you didn't get the e-mail or you're an international student junkie:

28/09/03 20:00 PM
- Gemini & friends at "Schlosskeller". Schlosskeller is a pub opposite the train station in Pforzheim. it would be nice if some of you would come to this first "event".

- one day trip to Heidelberg, please write Kat an email if you want to take part in this trip

- trip to "canstatter wasen-volksfest" near Stuttgart, it`s like the Oktoberfest in Munich

- end of October or beginning of November: 3 day trip to Munich

Funny enough, I already tried to go to the Stuttgart Volksfest on Friday but I am apparently dyslexic and didn't realize that when the sign says it starts on Saturday September 28th 2003 that they actually mean it starts Saturday and not the Friday night before... must be a cultural thing :-)

I will also be posting the EuroRoss tentative party schedule soon which will not only build upon the tradition of cities and festivals displayed throughout my first month here, but will probably look something like this:

29/09/03 - Pub crawl night
03/10/03 - 05/10/03 - Munich Oktoberfest (although that seminar I wrote about earlier could put the vise on a late Friday night)
Wednesday's - Irish Pub, also known as Bomber revival night

More to cum...

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