Saturday, September 27, 2003

So I checked out Baden-Baden today for the first time (yes german, Bonn is Bonn :-) , and although it's somewhat known as a provincial highsociety getaway, I had never checked it out on my previous european rendez-vous (somehow my personal invitation to the Deutsch high society club was lost in the mail:-). Let me just say that it won't be the last time I will be visiting. Cool restaurants, a very swank casino (Dutchman and Stevie we're totally hitting that scene swingers style when you get here, and yes you do have to wear a tie!) and very cool mountain scenery (fier danks to my new BB friends T-Mac and Freddie Mac for the grand tour!).

A little more detail on the mountain tour as it is definatly worth the trip to B-B. B-B is about a half hour south of Karlsruhe (Kars is monopoly bar place for those of you that know the story, "my red pieces will cover the earth faster than siffilis!!") situated in a valley surrounded by very large mountains (or as the semi-french say "hills":-). You can walk/drive/bike/square dance your way to the top or pay for the automatic lift (4 euros up and down). We took the lift since the VFB game was on at three and some of us were on a tight sched (3-0 VFB BAM!). At the top there's a qaint restaurant, unbelieveable view, and a sightseeing tower to boot. Today was a beautiful day and there was even paragliders jumping off right from where we were! Very cool.

They have some automatic grills up there and they'll be no stopping me from "hikeing" up there (and by hikeing I mean drive of course :-) with a couple steaks, a cooler and some cold ones for a good time as soon as my sched, the weather and my mood all cum to a consensus.

Anyways Bonn is Bonn... errr I mean Baden-Baden isvery cool and highly recommended on the EuroRoss fun meter!

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