Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Vodaphone's tech support sucks, or to be more precise does not exist. Three times I have gone to the store to fix a technical problem with my e-mail retrieval through my cell (yes I have now joined the rank and file of cell phone users, or as they say here in deutschland "handy's"), all three times the rep at the store politely tells me that Vodaphone tech support will be calling me within an hour or two, and all three times nada! I haven't been stood up this many times since high school!

You might ask why they can't they just fix the problem at the store or give me the tech line number themselves... well they don't have anyone at the store that knows how to do this, and it's a "special" (which might be a german word meaning "non-existent") number that has to call and they can't give out that number... frequent calls to the regular Vodaphone help line has been less than successful to say the least. Does anyone out there know how to use internet through cell phone infrared connection for Vodaphone??

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