Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I do not know who the dumbest person in the world was up until now, but in one swift move I have ursuped his title in a blaze of glory. Remember how last night I came home late from the bar and subsequently had to clean the wet floor from the stupid washing machine? Remember how I wondered in a joking and almost jovial way how long it would be before it would happen again? Well wonder no more.

This brainiak, known to you as EuroRoss, decided to wash all the towels borrowed and used to clean the puddle of mess last night and in a move of brilliance did THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN! The great part is that now all the towels I need to dry up the mess are sitting in the washing machine as wet as Cher in a boys boardinghouse. Hello, my name is EuroRoss, and I am a mental retard, in fact I am an Olympic caliber retard with world titles, medals and records.

On behalf of all the bitchy girls that I have teased over the years I must ask myself: am I on my period?? :-)

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