Monday, October 20, 2003

My good buddy Pissy sent this to me on the 26 things that show he's getting older, it's pretty accurate I would have to say... except maybe number five :-)

1. I attended a Hootie and the Blowfish (many years past their prime), 6 Pence None The Richer (a christian band), Sister Hazel (a band I think only Randy Leitch has heard of) and Uncle Kracker.
2. I saw Riverdance and enjoyed it.
3. I go to bed at 10pm.
4. I wake up at 6:15am.
5. I think 3 beers in one night is a lot.
6. I own a car and am getting an oil change when the sticker on the windshield tells me to.
7. I am excited about $10 tickets to a matinee performance of Rent.
8. I am going to the Maple Leaf vs. Hurricanes tickets but getting the cheapest seats (to help the budget).
9. I attended an exhibition game of the Wizards vs. the 76ers and only recognized a couple of players.
10. I attended a house party and KEPT MY CLOTHES ON.
11. I buy things like beds, end tables and dining room sets.
12. I drink more tea than beer.
13. I am excited about going on a scenic drive to see the leaves changing colours (I mean colors).
14. I believe that one party and eating out once in a weekend is a full weekend.
15. Sleeping in on the weekend means 9am.
16. I buy cheap American beer because it is cheapest.
17. I have a grocery store MVP card.
18. I am excited about a $20 gift certificate at a grocery store for shopping at it for every weekend for 8 weeks straight before American Thanksgiving.
19. I think I am behaving badly when reading Harry Potter instead of doing school work.
20. The store that I shop at the most is Wal-Mart.
21. I don't know the name of a hip bar in my city.
22. I am really looking forward to see the Greensboro Symphony with my school (hopefully the students don't boo like they did last year).
23. My favourite appliances in my house are a garbage disposal, a dishwasher and an ice maker (yepee!).
24. I am getting chest hair, nose hair, and ear hair, (but at least no back hair can be found as of yet).
25. I am still sporting sideburns and an eyebrow ring, and actually believe it will maintain my youth for ever (it is hip with what the kids like, I think?).
26. I moved to North Carolina.

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