Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Now I'm not going to complain about the INCREDIBLY inedible food and HUGE waiting lines at the Mensa (cafeteria) on campus, but is it too much to ask that after the workers screw me with shitty food (priced accordingly) and the rapeage of over 45 minutes of my life pressed like cheese in between a German herren sandwich waiting to be served, that they NOT rub it in and laugh about it?!?!

Today I waited for 45 minutes (see bitching above) for some kind of "meat" ruefully hidden underneath some sauce that almost caused my stomach to go on strike... not 1 minute after taking my first bite did I realize that they ran out of "the daily special" and so started serving the hottest best looking meal I've ever seen within 5km of the FH!! Of course by then it was too close to the start of class (with the infinitely increasing line) to trash my current "trash" (meal as they call it) and upgrade to the new serving.

I swear I saw one of the caf ladies smiling as I stared in total disbelief...

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