Monday, November 24, 2003

Belated congrats to Miao on the first ever (to my knowledge) Pforzhiem International Invitational Table Tennis Tournament Challenge
hosted at Kepler. Here's an exerpt from the mailing list with an entertaining recount of the event, and before you even start e-mailing yes
I am the loser canadian stuck at home doing a paper getting sms updates from the cronic gambler :-)


After an exciting build up to a great tournament, we would like to
thank everyone that participated in the Table Tennis Tournament
yesterday !

After three hours of nail-biting play, the playoffs had seen the
elimination of some great talent from both the men and women alike.

Late entrants from Poland suprised the crowd with drowsy "spins" and
eastern PowerPlay. India were consistently strong and entertaining
(Rohan !). The Chinese remained concentrated and calm throughout the
tournament, while the Australians were placing bets with the locals
(Stefan) at the net. Petra had also proven that only Slovakian women
have what it takes to take on the two handed striker from India
(Mohit) while once again Lithuania fought for independance from the

Canada was writing his paper for class but remotely tuned into the
game by sms for frequent score updates. Tim... well he was sleeping...

And for the Final Result, if you havent already heard ... A battle
between the Spicy Mohit from India and the SpeedyCat from China (Max
Miao) saw China take the Gold in an event that had all the students
on their toes. Congratulations to both players for a superb
performance and to SpeedyCat Miao for taking FIRST place !

Rumours are already spreading about a possible rematch...
India would like another crack at the top spot... since we heard that
Som got lost that evening looking for the tournament but ended up in
Düsseldorf !! Whats that all about ??


ed - can someone shoot me some pics of this event so I can post them online?

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